What I'm up to now.

Last Updated Jan 18, 2024


The largest shift of my entire life happened, I became a father. We welcomed our son Bernie in September and life hasn't been the same since. Getting a three month paternity leave was incredible — allowing myself the time to learn to care for another human in this way has been a truly humbling and exciting experience.


Teaching my second semester of Web Design at the University of Minnesota, looking forward to fixing all mistakes I made the first time teaching the class.


Made some progress on this Minnesota design history blog, slow going but its a fun and different thing to dip into every so often. Learned recently that Webflow just won't work for what I have planned for this site, so lots of CMS learnin' is my horizon.


Back at work as of late November 2023, slowly getting back into productive mode, designing UI for Medtronic's Neuromod technologies.

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