Miscellaneous Projects

AION Prosthetics

A small site for an ambitious group of industrial designers trying to do something new. They we very trusting and open to our ideas, and it was great place to learn how to inject a 3D model in a website.

Play Dominoes Like a Champion

Book cover design for my friend Trevor who taught me the magic of the game of dominoes. He became close with a world champion, Travis Newsome and they literally wrote the book on it together.

Homespotter — Guide to Open House Blitzes

A mix between a resource guide and a mini-site, I worked with the Homespotter design team to create this guide for running a successful open house blitz.

Strange Dust — 2003

I first met Dustin a.k.a. Strange Dust playing shows throughout Minneapolis with his group Glow Mechanics. I was happy as hell when I got asked to help with his first solo full-length instrumental project, 2003.


After the dispersal of Local Sports, ½ of the band went ahead and started a new thing: HOLYROSE. They told me they sound like The Beatles meets Weezer and I was off and running making logos.

1/3 • HOLYROSE Logo Explorations
2/3 • HOLYROSE Logo Explorations
3/3 • HOLYROSE Logo Explorations

Bergo Environmental

Logo, identity, collateral, and a Squarespace site for a local twin cities based environmental and asbestos removal company.

Back of a man wearing a t-shirt with the Bergo logo printed on it.