Wayne Woodworking


Identity & Branding

After building cabinets and shelving for fancy suburban houses for a long time, Wayne Woodworking's owner Casey decided to strike it out on his own. Wanting to focus on more down-home projects, he reached out looking for a new brand identity that reflected his ideals. The inspiration and concept come from his own family. During our first meeting, he showed me a photo of his grandfather on a teeter-totter looking as happy as can be. After some exploration, the idea kept coming around and we landed on a literal logo that is almost an inside joke within his family.

Once the logo was complete, Casey almost instantly asked me for the vector files so he could test it out on his CNC machine. I made him put the logo on the bottom of the coffee table he made me, and I've been pleased to see it incorporated into many more of his recent projects.

1/6 • Logo branded into wood
2/6 • Logo branded into wood
3/6 • Logo branded into wood
4/6 • Logo branded into wood
5/6 • Logo branded into wood
6/6 • Logo branded into wood
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